DMLC | I Can Only Do So Much With My Time

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Personal Reflection Exercises

I can only do so much with my time. There is only so much I can do in a day. My time is valuable and quite limited. For this reason, I am very selective as to which activities and responsibilities I choose to take on.

I realize that it is impossible to be everything to everyone.

Stretching myself too thin leads to disappointment for everyone involved.

I prioritize my time in this order : family, career, personal time, and socializing. Above all else, family comes first. In case I must choose between attending my son's football game and putting in overtime at work, you bet I will be sitting on the bleachers! The time I spend with my family is priceless.

My motto is "delegate, delegate, and delegate some more". When others can do a task just as well as I, then I let them handle the job. My children take care of the dishes, laundry, tidying up their rooms, and cleaning up after themselves. I feel confident about giving them these responsibilities. It prepares them for the adult life. In case I am very strapped for time, I know that I can call in a housekeeper to do light cleaning and go grocery shopping. This shaves off hours from my 'to do' list.

I outsource simple work-related tasks to a virtual assistant. Again, ... this allows me to prioritize my schedule and 'free up' much needed hours of my time. My time is valuable. I can only do so much with my time. Therefore, I enlist the help of others to maximize my reach.

Today, I put my pride aside and ask for help when necessary. Though I would like to think I am bionic, I accept that I am simply human.

'Self Reflection' Questions :

1. Which activities can I remove from my schedule ?
2. How can I spend more time with my family ?
3. Is my job too demanding ?

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