DMLC | I Surely Can Adapt To Any Situation

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Adapt to any situation

I have the ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance. I am and will be better at dealing with change each and every day. As my knowledge and experience grow, I am beïng more capable at adapting. I can handle any curve ball thrown my way.

My strengths, talents, and abilities allow me to be flexible in my approach to new situations. I am fortunate to have so many advantages in life. Change is easy for me to adjust to.

Flexibility is my middle name.

I can see all the options available to me and choose the most appropriate response. I am able to learn anything I need to learn.

I can be the person I need to be in order to thrive in life. I am highly adaptable and take pride in this fact.

One measure of intelligence is the ability to change, and I am very intelligent. Because I am intelligent, I can easily figure out how to properly manage any situation in my life.

Solutions are obvious to me. Executing those solutions is a piece of cake.

Life is always changing, and adaptation is necessary. I am successful because I can adapt so well.

Today, ... I choose to be flexible in my approach. I am free from worry today, because I know I can adapt to deal with any situation I might face.

'Self Reflection' Questions :

1. What are the most significant changes in my life that I have handled well ?
2. Which changes have I handled poorly? What could I have done differently to create a more pleasing outcome ?
3. How have I changed for the better over the years? What additional adaptations could I make in my life ?

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